Denali National Park, Alaska Adventure

Denali National Park, Denali, Alaska 2019   I can't believe it's been three whole years since I was driving in AK. So much has happened since then, you can read other posts, to get an idea of where I have been.  This drive was amazing. Started 125 miles from the California / Mexico border. I then drove to Canada, Yukon, and Alaska. I went up the coast of California and that was amazing. I wish I could have stopped ever few miles to take photos, but alas, my memory will have to suffice.  Driving to Alaska from the Washington border was easy. I had 'mace' spray or pepper spray, not sure of the difference, the lady at the border was very serious and took my protection. If it had been bear spray, she would have let me keep it. Go figure. Bears were less of a threat than 'man'.  I drove near Hope, BC and found the road signs were NOT what I was used to in the USA. The sign for a new highway was small. Similar to our "arrow" sign. This was a small sign for a

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