What can you say? Walk by Faith

It's hard to explain the need to 'go' but it's in me so strongly. I don't feel it's running away, since I don't have anything to run away from. I am an introspective person and try to be aware of how I feel and if there may be conflicts within me. I don't think so...

I can go wherever I want to and yet I seek God first. He has a place for me. 

The dichotomy of going and being settled is a vast one. I am trying to find a balance, before I make any permanent decisions. 

I have no trouble making a decision, but what is harder is awaiting wisdom. I can ask for council and most say, don't over think it. God doesn't care where you live or what you do. 

I am not of that conviction. I believe God cares about ALL of me, my decisions and desires. 

I am also aware that my desires may not be God's. I do seek God and His plan, but I am not perfect. 

Is it hard? Do I feel like God will be mad, if I make a mistake? Like moving to Portugal vs Tennesse?

No way. I know He will use each grand adventure, YET He wants me to ask Him. 

No answer, no move. 

Or I move/ change direction practically. 

Ask, seek, knock. God is asking us to ask Him. Seek Him. Knock (keep knocking). 

I was watching construction going on about 800 yards away and I saw hammering, but I heard the sound about 2-3 seconds later. It was nothing special, light and sound move differently; it was like a visual to Daniels prayer in the Bible. 

Daniel sought God in prayer, and it took a while before the answer came. Three weeks. I saw it in the hammering. Ask.... wait for the answer... Hit the hammer.... wait for the sound... It is much easier to wait, when you know the answer is coming. 

Do I know this? Yes. I know it. It's the when. When. When. 

I don't even know what I am waiting for. Maybe it's hard news. Maybe its hardship. Maybe it's great news. I don't know. I am trying to be ready for anything, God brings me.

Do you know why people are told not to go see mediums, and palm readers and all that sort of thing? Because people do change, God sometimes changes things up. Plus, it's not from God, it's from the devil who is not to be worshipped. My God is true, jealous and deserves pure worship by us, His creation. ALL creation.

Remember the Red Sea? People prayed and God saved them out of their trouble. It was a miracle. God can do that. 

Have you ever watched the movies: Soul Surfer, Miracles from Heaven, Breakthrough, Hacksaw Ridge, or I can only imagine.

These movies remind us of God. He is near, and yet invisible. He is powerful, yet quiet. I have seen many miracles, things that defy logic, have you?

I trust God, so that is not hard for me. I know others that have seen events or been part of events that could only be explained as 'otherworldly.' They might just ignore the event and move along in life. I see life differently. I want to see God. 

So, where is God now? Why doesn't He answer me and tell me His plan!? Am I angry? No, in this, I am sure. I do get mad at my own impatience. I know God has a plan; I am not always as assured I am in it. This causes me concern. 

I wonder, did I miss the message again? Did I forget to ask, AGAIN?! Did I just go do what I thought 'made sense'? I wonder. I prayed for forgiveness, received it and now I am back on track. 

God is able to use ALL things, and even if I am 'off track', He is bigger than my mistakes. He is a great big, loving God who never lets me get off track to the point of losing me. 

He is the Good Shephard and goes after the 1, leaving the 99. I may be the 1, but I know I am loved. Oh, sheesh, will I ever learn?

Walking by Faith is that. A faith walk. I have my shoes on, so even if I am off track, I have shoes on to protect me from broken glass, hot coals, or dirty doo-doo. 

I hope you find your own journey, as 'invigorating' and peaceful. I am at peace; I know what NOT having peace feels like. I am at peace. 

Looking for my 'home', I hope you will join me in prayer to find it.