About Me

About Me

1. I am a happy Mom to adult children, with no grandchildren. 

2. I love Jesus Christ, otherwise known as Yeshua Ha Mashiach.

3. I am an introvert, who loves to do extrovert things on occasion. 

4. Dancing and Crafting are hobbies I enjoy.

5. I would love to build a Straw bale home and pottery studio one day.

6. I have learned that our mindset matters, more than life events.

7. I love to travel and antique when I do.

8. If I could travel, write and antique shop for a living, I would be smiling each mile I drive.

9. I drove over ten thousand (10,000) miles in 2019 as a solo driver. Starting in San Bernardino County and going to Fairbanks, Alaska.

10. I have been a stay home and now work from home, Mom.